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We create an original sound for you and for your brand. It could be soft and melodic, it could fairly hard and dynamic, but it also could be a symbiosis of both. The main element for us is to find the essence of your project, and translate that into a sound. We deliver any style of musical genera, ranging from ballade and funk hits to raving hip-hop and dance music. Audio production services include: song writing, instrumentals and lyrics, on turn-key basis, the creation of a signature sound of the artist, music for movies, and sound effects for the movies, for televised programs and shows, full cycle for radio production and much more. 

Well chosen sounds create memories, as we will try our best to choose wisely the sounds for your project, so it could be in the top musical charts.

Audio services

Music production

We are always ready to help you with the selection or creation of audio content. In the production Send Prod has more than 20 styles of musical direction and services such as: writing songs from A to Z, the creation of firm (recognizable) sound for an artist, clearing vocals, music and sound for movies, television programs and the full cycle production for radio and music as well as special effects for games and much more.

Music  for TV and Movies

More often it is not enough shooting the good material, it is also important to create a high-quality sound for “pictures”. After all, no one remembers the names of the main characters of the film “Titanic”, but the music from the film is remembered for many years by many. Thanks to the clear selection of professionals, the question of selection of music, special effects and production soundtracks to movies, as well as sound for television programs and shows are allowed in the shortest possible time.

Song writing

We provide services in song writing by ordering them. It’s a very good service, with the help of which you could receive a completely ready musical product. You designate a new theme for the next song – we create a new masterpiece for you. Even if you don’t have ideas, you gave your audience and our creative team knows how to satisfy the audience. Do you have a song, but you want to find out the actual sound? No problem, upscale sound producers from the team Send Prod satisfy the most demanding “ears” of your listeners.

Song writing services:

Song on turn-key basis
Joint brainstorming
  • Writing the lyrics (lyrics / poems)
  • Recording vocals in the studio
  • Services arrangement works
  • Editing vocals, vocals clearing
  • Details
  • Mastering
  • Audio material Distribution

Vocal clearing (clean up)

The main aspect of the track with vocals are the vocals. Send Prod team, has talented and professional masters for cleaning vocals, which after their work that they did, you will be surprised that something like this is possible at all. For us, it’s a kind of pride when creativity meets the high level of professionalism.

Mixing and mastering

A track for us is a living organism. The working process of a organism depends on the functions its parts. Fact – it’s a working process from the inside out. First of all, it’s the right choice, quality compromise internal balance for each path in the track. After the work of our professionals, each client begins to understand what clarity in the sound of his track. We can make it dense, atmospheric and natural.

Send Prod mastering is a top level of European and American studios.


We believe that a well chosen collaboration can bring new “chips” in your tracks, expand the audience and achieve goals. Our innovative solutions will make your project popular. We will try to organize a conjoint track with the desired performer or group and find the “leverage” for the realization of common interests. The collaboration will help your project to get more opportunities, achieve more success in a relatively short period of time.

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