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Artist Management and Stars development are our core vectors in the company. We create artist from his «inside» to «outside» and it’s making outstanding TRUE icon on the stage which is the most important for today, when on the scene we have hundreds of thousands other artists doing the «same». All this fully complemented with organization from image to sound and from performance to social activity.


Image of an artist today has the essential meaning, inner strength, charisma, message, understanding – all this should be present in the artist “a priori” in order that he/she might conquer his/her audience and become who he/she really is. We train artists psychologically to that they to become popular and broadcast their emotions through their tracks and videos to the masses.


We provide service for both new and accomplished artists, which are already on the scene, but feel that they don’t have still “something”. Our professionals work with the artist in the coaching format throughout a certain period of time. Parallel work with the producer for the general disclosure of their potential is possible. Contact us for more information and cost of the services.